Welcome to the Joint GEOTRACES/PAGES Workshop!

This workshop on the synthesis of geochemical proxies used in paleoceanography aims to establish the strength, limits and conditions of application of a given proxy. It will bring together expertise from GEOTRACES, PAGES, and the broader oceanographic community of observationalists and modellers that will exploit new data to provide a more rigorous calibration of proxies and interpretation of their records. We welcome discussion of any geochemical paleoceanographic proxy that can be improved using the measurements gathered by GEOTRACES, including trace elements, stable isotopes, and radioactive isotopes. 

Working groups: Biological productivity / Oceanic circulation / Particle flux and sedimentation rate / Physical and/or biogeochemical modelling.

 The report from the
GEOTRACES-PAGES joint workshop is now published on the Past Global Changes Magazine (May 2019). Please download and read the report here.


SponsorsPAGES, GEOTRACES, SCOR, US-NSF, Aix-Marseille Université and John Cantle Scientific.

For French participants, this workshop is a part of the scientific animation of the actions CYBER and IMAGO of the programme CNRS-INSU-LEFE.



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